25 Facts About Meek

There’s nothing more that I appreciate than vulnerability and transparency. So I thought why not share more of who I am for my readers?

Here are 25 Facts About Meek you probably didn’t know:

  1. I have five different nicknames, all given to me by different people: Meek, Meka, Mekie, T, and Meme.
  2. When I was in middle school, I use to dress up in my mom’s suits and play teacher with my sister. I basically started teaching at 12.
  3. I am not a swimmer nor do I really like the water but I’ll definitely book a trip to the beach without hesitation.
  4. I’m a book lover but you can tell that by my social media page. I was the student who always carried a book and would be anxious to finish my work so I can read. I guess that love never died.
  5. Binge watching Netflix shows is my favorite thing to do. I seriously can stay up for hours finishing a show.
  6. I lived in DC for a year. I loved the city. However, I missed home more.
  7. I’m multi-talent as fuck. I can teach math and science, photograph your favorite outfit, design a graphic tailor to your brand, write a killer blog, and braid your hair into a style you’ll love.
  8. During my training for our volunteer organization, I did rock climbing and zip lining. It was the first time overcoming my fears of height.
  9. My cousin named me after her. Her name is Shameka and mine, Tameka.
  10. I’m afraid of heights but love flying. Crazy right?
  11. My first book I read in middle school was The Coldest Winter Ever. I think I was a little bit too young for that but whatever.
  12. I’m not a huge lover of chocolate. I don’t eat chocolate cake or ice cream but I do eat chocolate chip cookies and candy.
  13. My mom has 6 kids and I love having a big family. I want at least 4 kids.
  14. I love singing in the shower.
  15. I believe in empowering others and that everyone has a responsibility to give back.
  16. I’m a sisterhood geeked. I believe we should always support, empower, and teach each other. However, you’re not obligated to help and support everyone. Find your tribe. Love your tribe.
  17. I think I believe in my dreams a little too much. However, they always reveal something about me or extend my vision of a goal.
  18. My girls are my babies. I’m emotionally connected to the girls I teach because they remind me of myself. They also choose to still love me on my worst days.
  19. My nieces and nephews are my life. I love my sweet babies.
  20. I love makeup. However, a bold lip would get me through the night.
  21. I’ve always wanted to start a style blog. I’m addicted to fashion and photography, and I believe this will be a wonderful opportunity to expand.
  22. My dream job is to work for a magazine. I would love to create content through photography and storytelling but it have to be a teen girl magazine.
  23. My women inspirations are Melanie Marie, Karen Civil, and Meagan Ward. They all have connected with people by remaining true to themselves and have allowed us to connect with them by sharing their story. They are powerful, supportive, and transparent.
  24. I am a huge Kevin Gates fan.
  25. I’m truly grateful for social media. It has allowed me to meet people that encourage and empower you to go after your dreams.

Now that you know more about me, that resonate with you? Let’s chat.

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