5 Types of People You Need in Your Tribe

Illustration by Natalia

We are all looking for our tribe.

A place to belong. A community to thrive with and on side of. People who are committed to not only their evolution but yours as well. We know we need community, a tribe of individuals because without others you cannot grow or learn.

Because of the woman I want to be and know God crafted me to be, I have to be intentional about who occupies my space and who bring fruit into my life. Sometimes, people bring bad fruit that does not allow you to flourish.

Understand your needs. Know your values. And then, be intentional about everything.

You can have more than five people in your tribe. Hell, you can have only one but understand that self-love and growth cannot flourish in isolation. You need people.

But choosing the right people can help you boss up and rise to become everything you ever dreamed of.

Here’s the five type of people you need in your circle:

The Inspired Person: a force or influence that inspires someone to do something or feel a certain way

This person presence along is enough. Their vibe and energy inspires you to keep moving forward or to feel confident and loved. This person embodies a sense of self that doesn’t make you feel small around them but instead make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

The Passionate Person: a person who not only knows but feel that passion gives us purpose in life and make others feel like they have purpose in their lives

This person is an intentional person about life. She or he understands that they must follow their passion and purpose in life. They don’t believe in purposeless living. She or he reminds you that you have a purpose in life and helps you find it even you’re unsure.

The Motivated Person: a person who has a burning desire in them that pushes them to achieve success, take risk, and ask for help.

This person success along speaks for them. Their will to overcome every traumatic or devastated experiences pushes others to believe in themselves. They are goal getters, not afraid of risk, and isn’t afraid to learn something he or she doesn’t know.

The Grateful Person: a person who has a positive stance and attitude about present and future moments

This person finds gratitude in very situation even in the bad. They believe that one good experience is enough and every other experience is there to teach you. They remind you that you will always have something to be grateful even if it’s learning to love yourself afraid a horrible breakup.

The Open-Minded Person: a person who believes whatever truth you find might always have more to it than we realize

This person continue to seek opportunities to grow and learn while strengthening beliefs in themselves. They are listeners, pushing to understand people at the core. They are truth seekers and honest people.

One person can embody all these qualities or 25. You can choose how many people are in your tribe.

When you find them, cultivate relationships that honor vulnerability, honesty, and respect of your values and principles. Your tribe should know who you are and what you stand to.



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