A Season of Thankfulness

Thankful for….


I can’t thank you enough for the lessons, love, and patient you have shown me. You have taught me unconditional love and gave a work ethic that I only hope to embody as I continue to grow. You have taught me that no matter what you grow up without you can change the circumstances for yourself and your own family. And, what we go through can only make us stronger.


You are everything I hope for in a man: patient, understanding, communicative, vulnerable, loving, supportive, and uplifting…thanks for reminding me of my purpose when I forget, my worth when I think I’m worthless, and for nurturing my inner soul. For you remind me to look deeper than the surface…that men commitment is all in their actions…that their love for God must outshine anything else…


Your soul is unmatched. God fearing. Humble. Wise. Lover. You have taught me that what you go through isn’t just for you, it’s for others too. Your story can move mountains and help someone else. You embodies this inner soul and spirit that I continue to fight for: a soul that forgive others without holding anger, a soul that look beyond someone’s behavior and see inside, a soul that can touch many lives the first time they meet you.


I’m so glad I have this huge picture of us all because it’s so many but…grateful that mom had all of us and raised another. B, thank you for reminding me to be serious in life and have fun. Nee, thank you for teaching me to go after my dreams at any cost. Lay, thank you for driving me nuts as a little sister. It just reminds me that I am always accountable for someone else. Tee, thanks for loving us and being a wonderful example. Kee, thank you for being the big sister I can count on for anything and wiping my tears as well as a wonderful mother. Nell, thank you for always being a protective brother. And, thank y’all for having my nieces and nephews (Chris, Mond, Jay, Lay, Nae, D, Lon, Bray, & Kobi). They are my world!


Thank you for listening to all my crazy ideas and being my business partner in crime. I can always count on you to further enhance my ideas and to push me.


10+ years of friendship. I use to wonder how the heck we all was going to stay close. It was so many of us but here we are, the three of us. Solid as ever. I’m so thankful that you guys still love me despite everything. We have grown so much and I’m thankful for our growth, our talks, our moments, our memories. Thank you for staying connected to me through my struggle college days and move to DC. Y’all are truly my sisters.


Girl…your personality is one of a kind. I mean truly unmatched. 7 years ago, I would’ve never thought that we would still be kicking it. Thank you for ALWAYS being there: for breakups, for struggle classes, for my uncertainty moments, for my spells. Thank you for listening. You have truly taught me to listen to understand people. To have fun. To start over. And to keep motivating yourself.


You are a goal getter. Thank you for teaching to me to go after what I want and truly fight for it. To travel and enjoy company. To be unsure but still go after it. To never lose contact even though we’re distant. To always say I love you. To always be contagious. You remind me to let my good spirit and soul rub off on others.


I’m so grateful to be connected to each one of you. Your beautiful souls keep me grounded with internal battles. Your vulnerability reminds me that it’s okay. Your control of emotions, fears, and insecurities remind me to not be ashamed of them and embraced them. I’ve never met people who I can share everything with without fear of judgements. Seriously, our conversations are a non-judgmental zone but also a get your life together experience. Our views aren’t the same but that’s what I love about y’all. I can grow and learn in a different environment, at a different rate, in different areas. Thankful for the online space that allow us to connect. My Soul Sisters.

For this gift of mine…teaching.

You have taught me so much about myself and about others. Forgiveness. Second chances. Growth. Honoring the journey. You have taught me that tomorrow will always be another to chance to do it better. To love people no matter what they dish out. My understanding of systemic racism and how it affects our babies. A true understanding that it takes a village. Thank you for these lessons.


You have grown into a relentless, brave woman. Full of hope, faith, and aspirations. Deep diving full force into the waves of uncertainty. You always find a way, your way even if it takes longer than designed. Your journey hasn’t been easy but it damn sure been worth it. Thankful.

Thankful for the sleepless nights and uncontrollable tears. Thankful for the uncertain mornings and unfulfilled afternoons. Thankful for the bad lessons and the good ones.

You are still blooming, still nurturing into the woman you want to be. Thankful for the journey. These lessons and experiences are important for my evolution. They could not be skipped and I am unapologetic in my evolution.

Thankful for the journey of self love. For how do you know love when you don’t even love yourself? Loving every ounce of me, every curve, every straight and curly hair piece, every stretch mark, every piece of me because I am…

A masterpiece. Made in God’s image.

I’m thankful to…

Still be blooming.

Still be growing.

Still be reflecting.

To still…




Still B E C O M I N G into the W O M A N God crafted.


What and who are you thankful for?

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