Birthday Blessings: Stacey

Happy 26t Birthday to the fabulous Stacey! The one who always promote everything I share, who’s blog posts remind me to be patient with myself, who’s supportive no matter what, who’s blooming into the woman she wants to be with or without your love and support. She remind me to always give to myself. So grateful for you!

Who thought twitter would allow them to connect with so many beautiful people inside and out? I was skeptical though at first because social media came sometimes put us in an awkward position of meeting people. But, I’m happy we got a chance to connect with people who are thriving in their own lane and what to see you thrive in your lane.

“You may have people in your life who find a reason to celebrate every little thing you do. Embrace those people. They love you. Forreal.” -@ValenciaDClay

Stacey is a beautiful person inside and out. She has taught me that there is no competition when you’re in your own lane. And, women can support each other without diming their own light. Stacey, continue to uplift us through your powerful words, your support, and your love.

Here’s her story:

1. What experiences shaped the woman you are today?

Should I start this off with a novel? (lol) I believe everyone has a story to tell but, no matter what we go through in life, everyone has a purpose to fulfill. I’ve gone through heartbreaks. I’ve been through it all from the broken trust, being used because I was the nice girl, depression/anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

To be honest, I wanted to do nothing more to make my parents proud of becoming a doctor or nurse but, it’s truly wasn’t for me. So, the experience that mold me into the woman I am today is wanting more for myself. The woman I am today is all about putting myself first and learning to love myself. I shouldn’t apologize for putting my needs first and taking care of my needs. I’ve learned that if you want to take care of yourself, you’ll have to love yourself first.

2. Who or what inspired you to start your blog Beautiful and Bold?

Ohhh I love this question because someone very special to me inspired me to start my site. Side note: Ladies and gentlemen, if you have someone that sees the best in you and shows through their actions of how much they care about you – (mentally, physically & spiritually), please don’t push them away because there are great people in this crazy world that we live in.

I love writing and my best friend became my number one supporter of my writing. I would send him stories after stories like a bedtime story. Until, one day he told me I need to start a blog but, I didn’t know if I should because too many times people like to laugh at me and say how “stupid” I am because of this or that. So, the advice I was given was “the opinions of others shouldn’t matter and the opinions of yourself should matter the most”. So, we worked together and I came up with Beautiful & Bold because that’s who I am – I am beautiful and I am Bold because I’m doing what makes me happy with confidence and God by my side. By the way, I’m still blogging on my iPhone! Never let anything stop you from chasing your vision. When my computer is acting up, I have my beautiful phone to help me out.

3. What do you aspire to accomplish with your blog? Do you have an impact goal?

If you would of ask me this question eight months ago, I would have said my goal is to inspire others to chase their dreams and to never give up – sounds like the right answer to say but, my journey as a blogger & writer wasn’t easy. In my blogging journey, I’ve learned nothing ever goes as planned. You just never know what’s to come for tomorrow. So, I don’t really have a goal anymore because I tend to overthink my plans. Do I want to be a successful blogger? Of course, I do but, I feel like it’s all about focusing more on today than tomorrow.

But, I want my audience to feel comfortable, good about themselves and have an open mind about topics presented on the blog. I want people to understand my passion on a particular topic. I just want to stay consistent, embrace my journey, enjoy life, and not overthink it.

4. We’ve connected through unashamed blogger group and #SheHeals Challenge. How important is it to you to support other women and thus create a community of support?

Supporting women is my specialty. Tameka, girl you’ve given me an idea of thinking of working as a brand ambassador for anyone that’s opening a business or anything for a project. I love how exciting someone can be through their work because I know that feeling of excitement. When I see a woman doing something she loves and I love her products or whatever projects she’s working on, I will most definitely support like it’s my own. There’s nothing wrong with supporting someone next to you. However, I don’t do “I support you, that means you should support me” thing cause – it’s pointless. Everyone has a different success story. It shouldn’t be a competition if your sister is winning this week – don’t hate, congratulate.

5. How can we continue to support one another in the blogging world?

The word “support” has been truly abused too much in the blogging world because some people don’t understand the term of the word “support”. So, we can support by not saying “if you support me, I’ll support you” and expecting too much out of someone. We’re all humans, we’re not robots. if you love someone contents then share it, comment + repost as many times as you can.

We can continue to support each other by sharing, commenting, or reposting their work. Everyone support differently but, respect can go a long way.

Stay connected with Stacey!





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