Choose Your Own Path to Purpose

In life, we all have a purpose to fulfill but how we fulfill that purpose isn’t set or concrete. How you choose to fulfill your purpose is totally up to you and the decisions you make in life. And, your purpose can be fulfilled through many different opportunities.

Whether you choose a unique specialization or a unique skill combination isn’t necessarily important at all. You still need to work and show up every day. If you choose to be a painter and teacher, you also have to choose to be dedicated and improve those crafts daily. And, you can do both.

Some of us are great at many things. Some of us become better as we improve. Some of us choose to only acknowledge one and specialize. Others, choose to the maximum all their gifts and talents. Both choices are okay.

If all your decisions and actions align with your purpose, then you are serving in your lane.

Don’t let people guilt you into denying your heart of the things it desires. Find your purpose and choose whatever path you want to fulfill it even if it’s many.

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