Embracing Me & My Celebrity Reporter Lifestyle by Jazmin

Jazmin Taylor is a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana. She majored in Mass Communication and minored in Sociology and plans to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a celebrity reporter. Jazmin had an active college life outside of the classroom as she has been involved in various Xavier University organizations, committees, and teams to include the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, Xavier University Student Government Association, the Homecoming Committee, the Sports Broadcasting Team, and the Honda All-Star Challenge Team. She has also served as Emcee and Host to various events at Xavier and in the community. Jazmin was the recipient of the Sony Music Entertainment Urban/Pop College Market Representative internship and completed an internship at WDSU News, in New Orleans, LA. Being able to connect with others is something she treasures and is so blessed to have the opportunity to do it so often.
Here’s her story:

I love your personality and quite frankly everyone talks about your personality. Why do you think it’s hard for people to be themselves?

First, I have to thank you for having me featured! Knowing you personally and seeing your growth and development is just beautiful and amazing. Having you want me apart of this is even more special and I cannot wait to see what this road has in store for all of us.

Okay now back to the interview. My personality is something I am protective of my personality because I have worked so hard on staying true to myself and who I am. I think that people need to work on themselves more and push themselves to being the best person for them, not for their parents, friends, job, etc. Once someone works on themselves, a lot of other things will fall into place and work out. Most people these days want to please everyone but they don’t take themselves into consideration, which is something I always have done and will continue to do. The fact that others see and value my personality is a blessing because I never thought it was anything special it’s just me being myself and I hope others can do the same thing.

Have you always been one that says fuck it, this is me?

It has been a little of that and a little bit of “oh will they like me” but I have learned that people won’t like you anyway because of whatever reason so just do what makes you happy and who cares about what they will say about you!

Tell me more about your career and why you love it.

I am a freelance reporter. Most of my interviews and reports have been with celebrities, athletes, and artist. I love sitting or standing with them and having open conversations about their lives, it is very transparent and brings more depth to people you wouldn’t think.

Who keep you inspired and motivated?

My family and friends along with the ones who are watching as well as the ones who have prayed for you stayed up with you, and gave you encouraging words. It is overwhelming because it all goes a long way and all that has gotten me so far. I am always remembering those moments and just want to continue impacting and influencing others along the way.


If you had to switch career with one person, who would it be?

Probably be someone who is either in science or fashion design. Those are complete opposites. I’m not the strongest in science so being an astronaut or astrophysics would be cool. I am obsessed with space, with the moon and planets. It’s all so mysterious, dark, and beautiful. Fashion design because I am not creative at all. I draw stick people and kindergartener can draw better than me probably, but seeing a fashion designer draw something so simple and seeing that creation turn into a wedding dress or a couture piece is just breathtaking. Clothes are expressive and having that creative reign would just be so much fun! Oh and probably a food taster or critic. I love food and how it makes you feel. So if you all want to switch I am available!

What is the best career advice you have ever received?

The best career advice would be don’t feel guilty or undermine the accomplishments that have gotten you where you are today. Everything you have done has prepared you for that promotion, or raise etc. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Keep working so that you can have another accolade because of all the work you have put in.

At one point in your career did you become confident and really take charge of the woman you want to be professional?

I would say early on. I want people to know that I am in this and I don’t plan on going anywhere. That mindset has made me push myself with my work. I want to top myself constantly with everything: How can I ask more tough questions; how can I create more original content; how can have a lasting impression in the industry. Keeping it professional, doing your research and being focus are other things that I keep in the front of my head as well.

What has been your biggest opportunity and biggest challenge?

-My biggest opportunity has been being Miss Xavier. Having my peers vote me it was just so humbling and something that I will forever treasure. Being able to have that position and being the face of Xavier University of Louisiana was very empowering. Being an HBCU Campus Queen is so much more than the crown and suits. Its attending board meetings and voicing your campus concerns, planning events for your student body and the alumni and many more things. People will see all the behind the scenes just the end result so making sure everything is on track to run smoothly is something I have included in my work ethic now. The biggest challenge for me currently I have to say I finding work. Like I mentioned earlier I am a freelance reporter so sometimes I would have event after event after event and sometimes I won’t have anything for a few weeks. So keeping the work coming is difficult but with that downtime, I am always looking for other opportunities that will benefit me.

Who’s your favorite career woman?

My mother, I would have to say. She has always worked her butt off constantly in her personal and professional life with challenges and adversities along the way, but with all of that she has never stopped or discouraged her and has kept her focused. And motivates me to channel that into my professional life.

What advice do you have for women on their career journey?

Enjoy it! Time moves too fast so take it all in. Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you mess up it is okay tomorrow is a new day and just be better than yesterday. Love what you do and don’t compromise. Hope this was as enjoyable and fun as it was for me! Thank you for featuring me again.

Jazmin served and reigned as Miss Xavier University of Louisiana 2014-15. Her reign is something she takes pride and esteem in, resenting Xavier in all that she does. Jazmin is currently the Director of Communications at the Neighborhood Center along with being a correspondent with online celebrity publication Press Pause Productions and community-based news outlet I Am News.
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