Faith + Work

Pray. Work.

Pray. Work.

Pray. Work.

Though their will be people that support you throughout your journey, they will not give you anything. You will have to work for it every single day and hard work beats talent every day.

I knew I wanted to do all the things that I tell my girls daily: love yourself, support others, start a business, live out your dreams every single day. I knew that if I wanted to truly empower people, I had to step out on faith and follow my own dreams. In our most unknown and unplanned paths, we always find our purpose, but purpose and passion isn’t enough. You have to work on your goal every single day.

I tweeted this two days ago and never realized that I was talking to myself. We tend to pray for things but don’t put in the work to achieve it. We set realistic goals but our work ethic suck. And then, we fall victim to our own choices we make daily. It time we take ourselves serious if we want others to take us serious. And if you want the life you desire, it time you analyze your habits and work ethic.

Do I complete tasks given to me? Do I truly read and absorb the knowledge needed from free classes? Do I purchase plans, planners, and resources but never use them? Do I ask for support but don’t know what support I need? Do I read books? Do I set goals and stick to them? What are you truly doing that support your growth?

People can motivate and inspire you, but they cannot make you work. You have to work like hell for what you want. Nobody can do the work for you.

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