Her Roots

You were striped of your culture and history, enslaved with the idea that your ancestors only worked for the master and never had anything of their own.

You were told you are too fat, too dark, too loud, too poor to achieve anything year after year.

Media after media.

Women after women, men after men.

You were just not good enough for them BUT

You possessed the unimaginable talent they thought you didn’t have.

You led slave after slave to freedom.

You sat and endured pain to end the separation of blacks and whites.

You taught us how to love.

You taught us sisterhood.

You stood hand in hand with civil rights activists to end slavery and,

TODAY you are still changing the narrative of a Black Woman.

You are conscious, full of purpose and love.

The Beauty of a Black Queen goes beyond complexion and body type.

You, my Queen, are resilient and powerful.


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