HERSTORY: Collection of Stories From HER


Women stories continues to serve as an inspiration to us and remind us where we come from as well as where we’re going. We’re remind that we have a sense of fight, love, and talents that far exceed and extend beyond our world. We continue to build bridges for the generation to come. 

This year alone, I have connected with numerous women digitally. These women stories continue to inspire me and empower me. While their story doesn’t replace the work I need to do for myself, their stories show me that it’s possible. Their stories show the grace of God. Their stories show me unconditional love. Their stories show me that remaining authentic and unapologetic doesn’t go out of style. Their stories remind me that vulnerability is not a weakness. Their stories remind me that there’s no destination and you are always evolving. Their stories continue to serve as a catalyst for the love and grace I owe myself. 

For the next two months, I will be highlighting women and sharing their stories on my blog. From motherhood to entrepreneurship, you will be empower and motivated by women who’s balancing motherhood and a business, who’s battling with depression, who’s working in corporate America, who believe vulnerability and love will change the world. 

To the women who contribute to this campaign, I hope you understand that:

  1. Your story can move mountains.
  2. Your gifts are not for you. 
  3. Your purpose and passion is needed in this world.
  4. You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress.
  5. You are DOPE and God only made one you!
  6. You deserve any goodness and love that come to your world.
  7. You have the power to recreate your life.
  8. Don’t apologize for being yourself.
  9. We are stronger united.
  10. You are made whole by the pieces of women who came before you. 

To the women who are reading:

  1. If you find a piece of yourself in these women, embrace it. Other people stories also show us a part of ourselves.
  2. Connect with these women. I promise you won’t be disappointed in the connection.
  3. Understand that these stories are only the start to understanding each other. We must also do the internal and external work. 
  4. Understand that there’s power in your own story. 
  5. Remember, don’t compare yourself to others. Yes, you may have similarities but you are not the same. God only made one YOU!

I hope these stories inspire you and light an extra fire.

With love,



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