How Cutting My Hair Transform My Life By Widny Lherisson


Widny Lherisson is a graduate of Florida International University and attained a degree in Sociology. Widny is a full-time Guest Service Agent for Hilton. A Servant Leader at her home church, she loves God and is an inspirational blogger.

Here’s her story:

Widny, I am in love with your new blog post! Before we jump into your blog post, tell us who you are and give us one cool fact about yourself.

I want to first start off by saying I am very thankful and honored to be a featured guest on this platform. There are no words to express my gratitude to be given such opportunity. With that being said: Hey, everyone! My name is Widny, and I am an inspirational blogger at I love God, love meeting and gathering with people, and tend to drink too much coffee on a day-to-day basis (pray that I stop! lol.)

One cool fact about me would have to be – I am a very friendly person. I know it may sound a bit corny, but my family and friends always crack jokes about it. I can walk into a room filled with strangers and leave there knowing everyone lol.

You cut your hair recently. I always hear women say cutting their hair gives them a new perspective on life and change. How does cutting your hair make you feel?

Yes, so I finally cut my hair and I absolutely love it! It makes me proud of myself to have actually gone through with it if I can be honest. Experiencing change was something I’d normally run from in my personal life when matters were out of my control and stretched me to trust God in the unknown. So I definitely agree with women who’ve cut their hair and felt like the weight of the world has been lifted and view life from a different set of lenses. Truth be told, when a woman decides to step outside of her comfort zone, to do the unthinkable, it breaks her shell. There’s this confidence and glow about her that it is inevitable for others to recognize and acknowledge. A woman’s confidence is also seen when she decides to cut something off — and it doesn’t necessarily have to be her hair. It can be anything.

Some will say, oh it’s just hair. Why isn’t it just hair for you?

What’s insanely crazy as I had the same reaction when someone I know cut their hair. I’d constantly say to myself I would never do the big chop or even get a pixie cut.  I’m sure many who are reading this post can attest to this: once we find ourselves accustomed to a certain style, habit, tradition, etc., the thought of breaking out of it scares us. And ya’ll, cutting my hair scared the heck out of me. But it wasn’t about the hair being cut — rather, the woman behind the hair.

Tell us more about your brand and where you hope to take it in 2018. is a platform created: to empower by being transparent, expose the real me, encourage building even in my weakness, and embolden by sharing my journey. I believe everyone’s journey is different. However, everyone’s journey can be an answer to another person when one makes a decision to be open, raw, and transparent.

In 2018, I believe will be hosting and leading women’s events, luncheon, panels, and speaking engagements, and collaborating with other great like-minded people.


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