Jailyn Glass, the Publicist

Jailyn is a Detroit native and a public relations professional. From a young age, She began to admire the fashion, beauty, and film industries. With movies and televisions shows like The Devil Wears Prada, Las Vegas, and The Hills, She knew she wanted to work in a similar field working behind the scenes, fostering relationships, and making amazing brands stand out.

Here’s her story:

What are you most passionate about?

Wow! Every time I hear this question, I always panic and think I don’t know where my passions lie. But I start thinking on my daily actions and realize I am passionate about a lot of things, such as empowerment, intentionalism, beauty, natural hair, public relations, traveling, seeing others succeed, and moxie. These passions make up the woman I’ve grown into today, and it shares pieces of my personal brand.



You’re currently living in Detroit. From the looks of things, millennials in Detroit are shaking up the city, building businesses, and fully supporting one another. How does it feel to be in the middle of transformation for the city?

Not like it hasn’t before, but Detroit is really popping now. It feels great to see and be amongst individuals who want to build life on their own terms. Millennials are making sure their voices are being heard and represented in each piece of the city’s regeneration. It is amazing to see the city becoming back to life with increasing businesses, public transportation, and community. Between entrepreneurship, beauty, fashion, and more, Detroit millennials are showing that they can compete with the likes of those in faster-paced and more recognized cities.



Are you currently working with any of businesses in Detroit? If so, what do you do and how have it helped you grow your own business and personal brand?

Yes, I worked for over four small businesses in the Detroit area, including my current position as the Public Interactions Manager for Erikka Yvonne & Co (EYCO Agency.) This agency is a full service creative agency that specializes in purpose-driven, entrepreneurs, and authentic brands. My position helps to bring the PR aspect to their brands and make sure they exposed in positive ways and their audiences learn more about them.

I have been able to grow and develop my own personal brand and business through helping these businesses so much. Each woman, who I have worked with, has taught me something different that helps with my business and my personal growth. It is important to make connections through other aspiring women and empower through their ventures.


Who inspires you and why?

Ayesha Curry and Myleik Teele! These two are my girls/sisters in my head. They both are very inspirational in going after their dreams, putting in the hard work, and never complaining about the process. Ayesha has done so much in so little time in expanding her food brand from YouTube videos to now opening restaurants and designing cookware lines in Target. Myleik’s resume is impressive from being in PR to building and owning CurlBOX, a monthly natural hair product subscription company. But her work ethic is even more impressive. Follow her on social media to see what I’m talking about – IG & Twitter: @myleik. Social media only shows but so much, but they both inspire me to work, work, work (Rihanna’s voice.)



You are working in PR. Can you describe what PR is and how important it is to your brand?

Public Relations is basically relationship building between the brand/company and its consumers, so fans and buyers. PR helps to bring relationships with media to life and executes tasks to build upon awareness of that brand/company. It is very, VERY important to incorporate PR into your brand. It builds awareness and lets others know you are present and gives context to your brand’s meaning.

Depending on budget, PR can get expensive, but one tip personal brands can do is always using social media. There are tons of articles about how to increase awareness through social media with pictures, videos, and hashtags. Google these articles and commit to making the best online impression of yourself through social media.



What actions should individuals take before reaching out to someone for PR needs?

  • Have brand foundation
    • The best thing you can help a publicist with is having a clear vision/idea of what you want to show to your audience. This helps to establish a plan to execute, make tweaks and changes, and shows the audience who you or your brand are exactly.
  • Understand audience and social media
    • Knowing your brand’s audience is very important. You do not necessarily have to know every details, but having a sense of what type of consumer or reader is very important to distinguish. It is also important to know what social media platforms work for the brand and knowing exactly how they work just in case social media isn’t included in your PR package/contract.
  • Have patience through it all
    • You hired the publicist for a reason – let them work it out. Keeping constant communication is important, but don’t harass or belittle how they work or if they are even working because you haven’t seen progress yet. It’s a process and doesn’t happen overnight. They have (should have) your best interest at heart. Trust them!



What’s coming up for you? What can we look forward to seeing from you?

I’m praying 2018 comes full circle for me with building and expanding my blog, The Moxie Playbook, PR freelancing, and building more of a community between women and bloggers. Readers can look forward to seeing consistent, authentic, and relatable posts, and helping individuals with PR, when needed.

You can continue to follow Jailyn’s journey here http://www.jailynglass.com/.

  • Twitter: @JailynGlass
  • Instagram: @JailynGlass
  • Snapchat: @moxieee

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