Jei Monroe, The Thrift Queen


Jei Monroe is a New York based creative that has built on her personal experience, natural eye for fashion, passion for styling, and determination to see other women win. She initially began taking on new clients as a freelance wardrobe stylist in 2009, which eventually led to her becoming a Stylist for BCBG Max Azria in 2012. While at BCBG, Jei personally assisted both Max and Lubov Azria, a diverse range of everyday women, as well a host of celebrity clients. Realizing that not everyone can always attain a celebrity stylist, Jei has made it her business to not only curate a variety of services for business clients, but to also provide the tools for the everyday woman to look and feel just as amazing. This has led to the creation of her own brand where she uses her gift of curating to bring out the best in her clients, both inside and out.

Jei’s Mission: To help the everyday woman be fierce, fabulous, and fearless by building up her wardrobe, style and confidence.



You have a very unique personal style when it comes to fashion. Who’s your inspiration? What advice would you give to others who are trying to find their own style?

I like to think of myself as my own inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, there are women who’s style I simply adore, (Solange for one is my absolute fav) but what makes my style unique is that it’s me. I don’t try to be or dress like anyone else. I think that’s a major key for others who are trying to find their own style. Be authentic. Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of looking the same as everyone else. I always tell my clients to walk me through what in particular they like about certain looks or pieces. Instead of looking for descriptive keywords, first pay attention to the details. Is it a color, is it a certain cut, a particular fabric, the way something fits? Once you figure out what you genuinely like, it’s easy to get intentional about your style.


When did your love for fashion begin?

My love for fashion started at a very young age. I can remember when I was in grade school, I would love to come up with different ideas and sketch various clothing designs. I’d regularly stay up late at night when everyone went to sleep, watching a show called Fashion File. They showcased  fashion reports, trends, and behind-the-scenes of collections and runway shows. I’ve always just had a natural gravitation towards fashion.


You are a thrift queen. I mean, you can put an entire outfit together for less than $5. Who introduce you to thrifting? What are your favorite thrift stores in New York?

I actually introduced myself to thrifting. Growing up, I was the oldest of 7 so I didn’t have the latest brands that everyone else was wearing. I started thrifting not only because it was cost-effective, but also because I don’t like looking like everyone else. Thrifting lets you create a unique style for yourself because not everyone will have access to the same pieces like they would in let’s say an H&M or Forever 21. A lot of people always ask me what thrift stores I shop at or which are my favorites, and I honestly it’s everywhere. It’s really not about the where at all, it’s the how. I talk about this in my Thrift Course along with providing a thrift directory, but I can literally find great thrift pieces anywhere I go because I’ve managed to master the how of thrifting.




Seriously. I am in love with your #FallSlayChallenge. What encouraged you to start a challenge? What is the purpose behind the challenge?

Thank you so much! I’m always thinking of new ways to help women build their style and I noticed a lot of women were looking forward to the Fall season. I thought, what better way to look forward to Fall than to slay! The purpose behind the #FallSlayChallenge was to help women step out of their comfort zone, learn how to work with what they have, and get more intentional with their style.


Who’s your favorite fashion icon and why?

I think my favorite fashion icon would have to be Grace Jones. In both her personality and style she’s always been carefree and unafraid take risks. I admire that so much because nowadays, you don’t see as many women fully embracing themselves no matter what other people may think. That’s why I love what I do. I get to help other women bring out the best in themselves and that’s what we need more of.


What are your goals for your fashion blog and brand for 2018? What partnerships are you looking forward to?

My goals for the upcoming year are to expand into confidence seminars in various locations, host style pop-ups, and develop branded partnerships with both companies and other style creatives that align with my brand.




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