Love is…

Love is….





Love is….

scary, but joyful

challenging, but full of growth

a choice to nurture our own and someone’s else spiritual growth.

But love isn’t just romantic,

love is extending oneself to



complete strangers,

and even, OURSELVES.

Self-love is the foundation

the foundation that teaches people how to love you

the foundation of the love that you give others

Most of us crave for love from people, mostly from a partner.

And if we don’t have a partner, we feel like we’re missing out on love.


Love surrounds me. I just had to open my eyes and realize can exist without a romantic partner. Click To Tweet

I am loved by…


my friends

my family

my blogger sisters

complete strangers

Love is me. I am love.

“All the love i need is found inside of me. For love is the beauty of the soul.”

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