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Social media has become a powerful tool in connecting with individuals across the world. Not only can you connect with people digitally, you can connect with people physically. While Rebekah and I haven’t physically met one another, we have spent an enormous amount of time helping each other expand our blogs and business in many ways. Rebekah recent podcast has inspired me to continue showing the real me, without apologies, because let’s be honest people WANT to connect with the real you. They want to know who you are and what you have gone through.

Rebekah’s story of loss and finding her purpose in the midst of the darkness is a story too familiar. While we try to hide who we are in an attempt for others to like us, Rebekah holds nothing back and hopes that you too will find power in owning your story.

Here’s her story:


What is one thing you want my readers to take away from this interview?

Being your authentic self + accept your journey. It will take you farther than being what everyone else wants you to be.


Who are you and what do you do?

I am Rebekah Denise, a motivational speaker, podcaster,  lifestyle blogger, and the creator of women empowerment group called Beautiful Mindset.


How important is relationships and partnership in blogging, business, and branding?

Very important. I feel building relationships build inspiration and motivation that you offer in each other’s life. Everyone can learn from each other and the relationships you build is for life. I build many relationships off sliding in DMs. It really goes down, shouts out to Yo Gotti.


How did you start your blog and what is its purpose?

I started my blog after building myself up without knowing I was taking time away. The purpose of my blog is for readers to know that what they may not be ready to discuss I AM THAT VOICE and for people to leave away knowing that they can be authentic in this world.


At what point of your time did you find the confidence to really take charge and become the woman you are today?

When I stopped worrying about what others think and realized there are so many people who don’t hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for their journey. I believe in myself and that’s all that matters + my children are my continuous fuel.


How do you balance motherhood, working, and running a blog?

There are no limits on motherhood. Being a mother comes first and then everything else follows. I blog when it flows, not forced. However, I do keep a calendar to remind myself to look through drafts and write. My oldest child is a big help with her siblings but also my family. They are amazing when I communicate I have things to get done and outings planned.


What is your favorite piece of advice?

Be Yourself.

Recently, I designed a logo for your women empowerment group. Can you share more about the group and what we can expect from the group?

Beautiful Mindset was birthed based on my experience with other women. Growing up a lot of girls did not like me so I thought to form a sisterhood where we get to know one another, no judgment. Beautiful Mindset is a women empowerment group that prides itself on cheering one another during their journey, behind the scenes and when we are shining. We all are unique in our own way. We all have gifts that can empower, inspire and motivate one another, building healthy relationships while battling our own journeys.


We all experience loss: loss of family, career, and even friends. How have you built yourself up after losses? What keep you motivated and passionate?

Losing friends isn’t a big deal to me. Everyone has their season and it will be revealed why they are no longer apart or why I am no longer a part of their journey. Losing my daughter is my biggest loss as well as my grandmother. I had my dark days and crying is essential and needed to get it all out but I started to think and look at things from a positive aspect. I was being selfish. They wouldn’t want to see my dwelling but yet thriving and going after my dreams. I spent time away learning myself, failing at many things and journaling. My children keep me motivated. I tell myself in the mirror every day “what would the team (my children) think?” that is my GO!


What shifts would you like to see the women empowerment movements?

More collaborations and identifying mindsets that prevent women from connecting with each other. Building a relationship outside of categorizing it as a movement. Women empowerment is life though. We all hold uniqueness within ourselves. When we pour into one another, we are powerful and unstoppable. We have to constantly practice positive techniques and strategies that push one another to go to the next level.


Rebekah Denise is a motivational speaker, lifestyle blogger, podcaster and creator of the women empowerment group Beautiful Mindset.  Rebekah was born and raised in Rochester, New York.  Rebekah began writing at the young age of 7 thanks to her grandmother Margaret Ann.  A mother of three awesome children, Rebekah is currently working on her degree in Human Services. Rebekah Denise is working very hard on becoming a full-time entrepreneur. During her spare time, she enjoys outdoors with family, traveling and self-teaching herself to improve her business daily.


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