Rickikie Thomas-Williams, Fashion Boutique Owner

Rickikie Thomas-Williams is a graduate of Southern University and native of Maringouin. She is a mother, wife, sister, friend, and business owner. 
You recently started an online clothing boutique What inspired you to start your own clothing boutique?

Economic status and time inspired me to start my own clothing boutique. These days it is a little harder to earn a honest dollar so I decided to try a little harder. Working two jobs and being a full time student is hard enough, but there’s more out there that I want to see, so I know there is more I have to do.


On our trip in LA, we talked a great deal about relationships, marriages, kids, and even friendships. We also talked about career opportunities. You mention you are in search of finding your own passion. Do you feel that it is important to live out your passion?

I definitely feel it is important to live life with a passion. I think it’s more so important to be passionate about what you believe in, whether it’s family, true love, self love, lifetime accomplishments etc. I think it’s important to always push towards that. Life with passion is more meaningful.


What other plans do you have in the making?

I have more plans to expand. I wish to dabble in more, I have so many ideas I want to see come to life, but right now I’m trying to perfect one at a time. So the expansion on Hykeefashions is first up on the Agenda.


Whos your inspiration and why?

My family is my inspiration no doubt. They really light the fire in me to keep going. My husband makes me feel as if I can make the impossible possible. My daughter gives me a smile that drives me to keep going. My friends (family) are very supportive. Just my all around support system inspires me.

You can continue to follow Rickikie’s journey on instagram and check out her boutique.

IC: raising__royalty

Boutique: http://hykeefashions.bigcartel.com/products/


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