She Heals

We’re 16 days in the #SheHeals challenge and I am blown away by the responses of the journal challenge. I always wanted to do one but didn’t want to put myself out there. I guess fear always took over, but this is the best decision I’ve made.

#SheHeals challenge has encouraged and motivated me to write daily and examine past relationships and situations that I was still holding on to. Like others, I’ve lived by masking insecurities and fears as well as pain. I’ve carry pain from one relationship to another. I’ve carry pain over to my friends and even my family. I can’t keep hurting people just because I am hurt.

They always say, “hurt people hurt people.” And that is true. The pain, the fear, the insecurities from past situations shows up again even if it’s years later. It always find a way.

In addition, I love seeing all the vulnerability and love on my timeline. Women are engaging with one another through storytelling. They are connecting to each other and supporting one another. That was my only goal: to create a space of vulnerability for women to share their stories, support one another, and love on each other.

If you haven’t checked out the #SheHeals challenge, visit to learn more and catch up on the first 15 days. Look at the responses below.

Join us for the last 16 days. Healing is a process, a journey. It isn’t a destination. You can choose when and how to heal, but first you need to reveal the pain, insecurities, and fear of your past situations.

Happy journaling!



PS: The last 16 days are below!

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  • I don’t know how can I thank you for this experience because #sheheals has helped me a lot to step out of my comfort zone and some questions were like ohhhh I can’t do this but, I did and I’m happy that I let everything out of my system + such a selflove & selfcare experience. Listen, I know what it’s like to think of an idea and being afraid to go for it but, sis you did it and it’s truly been an success!! And congratulations queen ???.