The Importance of a Black Millennial Platform By Tamara

Tamara is a young lady from the Bronx, New York area. From her adolescent years, Tamara has always shown a keen interest in writing and storytelling. She often expresses her idolization of her grandmother for always encouraging her to pursue her dreams of writing and keeping in mind that her own words will one day allow her to live a vivid reality. After graduating with her associates degree in psychology, Tamara began her journey to obtain her bachelor’s degree; majoring in Journalism and minoring in media-communications at Lehman college. 

Here’s her story:

Who is Tamara and what are you currently working on?

Tamara is a 27-year-old Black female blogger & vlogger from New York City. Lover of good vibes, natural hair, and positivity. I honestly sum myself up as an awkward being with a thirst for life. I am currently working on a few projects. Mainly focusing on the overall expansion of my website and brand, as well as my visual podcast “Modern Society “. I am currently in the midst of creating cultural beneficial events throughout my city for the upcoming year also.

Noir is a black millennial blog. What made you start Noir?

I knew I wanted to create something. But it took a lot of soul-searching, learning and understanding to decide what that exact “something’ could be. Initially; I was fearful of negative feedback and possible backlash I would endure from people not understanding the overall message I wanted to provide within the “Noir-Online “brand.

For whatever reason; when you display your love for your culture, you’re automatically deemed a racist of some sort & I feared that. But the obsessive love I have for my people and the pure existence of being Black, no amount of hate or negativity could ever alter that.

Noir-Online stemmed from my belief of how imperative it is for the World to comprehend, respect and understand black culture. It’s about the unification of us as a whole. Learning our history and defying the realms of our past and present struggle. Honestly; I can’t even sum up in word’s what Noir-Online is to me because there are that many levels to this. Noir-Online is BIG. It will ultimately be Everything!

How do you plan to impact the world as Noir continue to grow? What is your vision for Noir?

Noir Online will always generate as a safe and creative space for artist, writer’s creators etc. Also forever serving as an influential and informative purposeful platform within the black community. Ranging from small children, young adults and so forward. The Beauty within Noir is that ‘Unity” will allow the brand to expand and execute. But the online aspects of the blog allow its continuous revolutionary evolution.

I never categorized Noir, because I want this platform to blossom in every direction it is meant to grow in. My aspiration for this entire thing is to touch every sector of the world and every human being possible. For individuals to see all the beauty that lies within our skin, and our culture. To learn something about a group of people that have been deemed the underdog for a large amount of time. I want when people hear “Noir Online “they find themselves in deep thought, provoking conversation and to also embrace the positivity of everything we have to offer.

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

Something I recently learned about myself and currently coming to terms of acceptance; is the fact that I am never comfortable. As ugly as things are right now and the negativity spilling and spewing from numerous sectors within the world; that pain and suffering make me uncomfortable.  The thirst for change keeps me consistently eager. The lack of respect society has for a specific member of the human race makes me uncomfortable. The hatred police officials display towards people of darker skin makes me uncomfortable. The fact that the bad guys are continuously rewarded and placed in positions of power makes me uncomfortable. The fact the world needs to be immensely cleansed keeps me motivated. Positivity keeps me motivated. Change keeps me motivated. I feel as if I can provide what the world is ultimately missing

Who’s your favorite black millennial and why?

Yara Shahidi.

One, I love her hair! I love her style sense of humor and overall awkwardness. She’s goofy like me and fully embraces it (Bring Goofy Girls BACK) She is such a multidimensional doll! She’s a very deeply complexed individual. I love the drive and determination she pushes forward with everything she does. She is fully accepting of her ethnicity and diversity as an Islamic and African American young lady. I overall respect public figures who use their voice within their platform to educate their audience. Yara displays deep understanding and concern for our country, our people our history and ultimately respects the beauty of our culture. She’s just an overall positive depiction of what the future holds.

What advice have you received that keep you grounded in your work and in your life?

The best advice I’ve received since deciding to venture out towards the direction of entrepreneurship is to stay consistent, stay true and never be afraid to ask for help. I think in most cases as individuals we all have a boss mentality within our initial approach towards our dreams. But there is much more to it than what the eyes can see. You have to be willing to adapt in order to grow. Never stop asking questions, never stop learning and always be sure to take every opportunity head-on.

Tamara is a black millennial blogger and vlogger; Ceo of the Noir-Online brand and the visual podcast “Modern Society. Her ultimate aspiration is to lead this generation in a positive direction and assists black millennials within taking the corrective stance within society.

You can follow and keep up with her here.

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