Unexpected Career Challenges by Ashley Craddrock

Ashley is a small town girl responding creatively to life while breaking barriers and chasing her wildest dreams.  She studied Organizational Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at Calfornia State University in Los Angeles. After seven years of living in the great City of Angels, she moved to the Central Valley to build a solid foundation for my growing career. The toughness of LA groomed her into the woman she is today. At 26, she has the opportunity to live her dreams and build where the roots are. She’s just getting started on her road to self-discovery, life’s newness, purpose, and genuine happiness. 

Here’s her story:

Ashley! It is so good to connect with you. Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hello all! My name is Ashley Craddock. I’m a 26 years old and pounding the pavement to leave a legacy in this world. I am an Account Executive for the CBS and NBC duopoly news stations in Fresno, CA. Basically, I’m a creative mind bringing client’s visions for their brand and business to life through on-air and digital marketing/advertising. When I’m not at my day job, you can catch me on my laptop, releasing my thoughts on Twitter, binge-watching Netflix, excessively Pinterest pinning, and reading or finding new ways to take my blog to the next level. Oh, yeah! I’m a lifestyle and personal development blogger too.

We connected through Unashamed Blogger and Twitter chats. How do you feel about online connections?

I think connecting with other creatives, writers, movers, and shakers online is amazing! You can literally digitally meet someone you barely know who will support you to no end and for me, that speaks volumes. I think the level of support and encouragement you find online is undoubtedly a safe space for many. When it comes to women and online connections — you find strength in sisterhood. Empowered women truly empower other women and such a positive cycle is a serious force I want all women to contribute to. There is no room for ill intentions and wishing on someone else’s downfall. We all touch this world in different ways with the same specs of gold. There’s room for all of us to win when we feed off positivity.

So I think that’s what online connections mean for me: bringing your own recipe to the potluck, but still contributing in the feast.

When was ashleyavenu.com birthed and why?

Ashley Avenu was birthed on January 1, 2016, because I was tired of waiting for someone else to give me a shot to use my gift. I decided I would create my own outlet instead of basically begging for someone to see me worthy of contributing to theirs. I wanted to share my thoughts and words with the world on my timeline, freely — my way, with no boundaries. So that’s exactly what I did, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Starting out, my blog was mainly for my sports writing and sharing my career journey that I was having a lot of trouble entering. As time progressed, it’s now an online memoir of all my setbacks, life lessons, and my personal life discovery.

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In your blog post, “How My Career Delay Turned Out to Be a Blessing in Disguise,” you talked about rejections, unhappiness at a certain place, and applying to a position you had no experience for. How was this experience? What lessons did you learn from it?

The biggest lesson I learned from all of that was: you have to acknowledge where you currently are in your life to show God that you are completely equipped and in a better head space to be promoted to your next level. He tests us to see if we are ready to be used. I truly believe that deep in my heart. It wasn’t until I decided to fix my own happiness and acknowledge my current placement that I started to see him putting the pieces together for me. I dealt with depression and not getting into grad school while being lost in what I was supposed to be doing in general. One day, I just got tired of feeling stuck and unhappy. I made the decision to move from Los Angeles and start new. Ultimately, God was leading me towards what was best for my soul — even though I felt like I was backtracking. Sometimes you have to leave where you think you should be, start from the beginning and pace forward.

You are now the Account Executive for CBS and NBC. How has your experience been since starting? What other opportunities are being open to you?

My experience has been great! Everyone that I work with at the stations has been amazing. My first day, they had a sign that said, “Welcome to the family, Ashley!” and that’s honestly what it feels like one big happy family. This career has granted me with one of the best work environments I have ever had by far. The job is no walk in the park at all, but that comes with the territory. I had a feeling what I was getting into after five interviews lol. If it takes that much to get the job, then it’s a pretty clear indicator it’s a hefty position. All in all, I have really enjoyed myself. It’s already been two months since I started — time is really flying, but it usually does when you’re having fun.

One opportunity I had open up for me is being chosen as a guest speaker on a panel for the Fresno Women’s Summit this year. I’m pretty excited as the date gets closer, but it’s something I’ve only dreamt of being able to do. Hopefully, with this first door, much more will follow. I have some pretty exciting life happenings to come personally and I’m really looking forward to seeing how God continues to work in my life.

We tend to want things now without understanding that we must go through to get it. What advice do you give someone who is rushing the process?

Take a step back and ask yourself why you’re rushing in the first place. Anything worth manifesting correctly is worth manifesting slowly. Take it one step at a time. There is no rush. Your timeline is different from anyone else’s. Try your best to trust where you are, and have faith that God will pull you out and place you somewhere better than you imagined. God already has your journey all mapped out – he’s leading you in the right way. Don’t rush the process because the process is what actually helps you grow. You might miss what God is trying to show you is in a hurry to get somewhere else.

Ashley Craddock is an Account Executive with CBS & NBC news stations and a lifestyle and personal development blogger at Ashley Avenu, where she talks about personal life discovery.

Fun Fact:

Blog or Podcast?: Blog. Only because I am a writer.

Twitter or Instagram?: Twitter. I suck at actually getting pictures when I’m out or looking cute. Lol. the IG feed dry.

Cardi B or Nicki Minaj?: Cardi B!!!!!! I just love how she’s freely herself and don’t give a damn. It’s also nice seeing someone come up the way she did.

Favorite Disney Movie?: Moana. lol so adorable. I think it’s the best Disney movie yet.

Love Language: Words of Affirmation and Quality Time

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