What Being Still Is Teaching Me


There comes a time in life where we just have to be still – no rushing, no trying, no pushing – just still. We have to allow things to happen without forcing. The past few months have been a struggle trying to figure out what’s next for me. There’s been a lot of uncertainty, frustration, and many sleepless nights. But there’s one thing I know is true – this season doesn’t last forever and its purpose is to push me higher than before. This season is meant to teach me about habits that were hidden through my work and commitments. When you just sit back, observe, and analyze situations, you see so much more than what you want to see or could see.

This season was needed to help me reflect, learn, and continue to grow into my purpose. Nothing happens on accident. Everything has a purpose. Click To Tweet


What I am learning in this season will always travel with me and it will forever be a turning point in my career. Here’s what I’m learning:

Holding On Can Sabotage Everything

We hold on far too long than what we should. God would constantly send us a signal to leave, to stop, to move, to change but those signals aren’t boxed how we want them to be so we ignored them. Sometimes, rejections could mean change the course and sometimes it can mean try a little harder. Bad experiences are lessons that push us beyond our comfort zone and asks us to truly understand our value from within. We know that no matter what happens, we already have everything we need within. So let go, change the course, make some new choices, and enjoy the ride.

You Are Not Entitled To Anything or Anyone

I would say if only this person would do a little more or show me a little more information than I could…But I am not entitled to their time, their lessons, their experiences. I am only entitled to the things I’m willing to work for. You have to take responsibility and accountability for your life. Do you want something? You have to go out there and get it. Yes, having supporters, mentors, and people who want to see you succeed helps you but it cannot replace with the work you must do.

Never Stop Feeding Yourself

Difficult times can bring out the worst in you. They can sabotage all you have worked for, but only if you allow. Keep in tune with yourself. Continue to do all the things you love. Continue to journal. Continue to read. Continue to learn. Don’t allow challenging moments to determine who you are. You are because you said you are. Change your mindset by feeding your mind.

Understand That You Cannot Do It Allow

Life isn’t meant to be done alone. I am now understanding that everyone has a purpose in your life. I am very much comfortable with myself, love myself, and understand my value, gifts, and talents but I know that people also bring value to my life when I let them. So let people add value, love, growth, and changes in your life. Life is meant to be enjoyed with others too.


Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep loving. Keep becoming.

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  • I am absolutely loving how everyone is acknowledging the moments that they are still! I’m sure many of us would have gone crazy in our old ways, but as we grow so does the nurture and care. Everything you said was right on point.I just enjoy seeing your growth T and you can truly see that reflected in your blog. Love you!!

  • Ash, it takes a lot to get to this point, to acknowledge the seasons where all you have to do is sit still and keep working without any excitement, exposure, nothing. We have to learn to nurture every part of our journey. Thank you for seeing my growth! Love you Ash!!