Who Am I?

“I am not my titles. I am who I am at the core.”

At early age, we are taught that our identities are wrapped in titles and achievements: teacher, daughter, sister, activist, wife, mother, dad, brother, lawyer, Award Winning Author, etc. But when they are gone, who are you?

It is sometimes often hard to really look in the mirror and ask these types of questions. Most of us don’t know ourselves at the core. Some of us are afraid of who we are at the core. Some of us have masked who we are to fit into society or certain communities. But, you cannot hide from yourself.

Know yourself at the core. Understand that titles are not your identity. You are not what you do. Use your title to carry out your purpose and passion, not control you. When it no longer serves you purpose, discard it. Let it go. You are not losing yourself. Give yourself permission to be YOU.

Stripped naked and bare of everything you do, who are you?

I am whatever I think I am, without a title. What ticks me? Am I loving or overbearing? What’s my energy? What scares me? What are my deepest dreams and desires? Who Am I on the inside?

Free. Bare. Naked. Without A Title. Vulnerable to even allow myself to dig inside.

I am……

I am bold and scared at the same damn time.

I am vulnerable and empathetic.

I am corny as hell, which is why I don’t even try to tell jokes.

I am risk taker.

But sometimes, insecure.

I am a creator of the life I want.
Patient, yet understanding that it takes work to grow.


I do not believe in a wrong path. Every path is created by the creator for a bigger purpose.

I am an observer, rarely speaking but always listening.
I am learning even in the midst of the unknown.

I understand that growth is uncomfortable, uncertain,
But, inevitable.

I am moving at the drums of my own beat, moving at my pace.
I understand that there is no right moments or time, every time is right.

I am committed to the evolution of myself, young women, and girls.

I am passionate, burning with fire.

I am deserving of the love I give.


I am a beautiful soul.
I am worthy.
I am enough and……

I am not afraid of the unknown because I am:
Brave. Faithful. Creative. Thoughtful. Loved.

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  • Am I loving or overbearing?

    That’s so good!
    It’s so important to know who you are, because when you don’t, you let other people identify you and puts you in a position to accept the titles they place on you.

    Get to know you. From the inside out. The best feeling ever!

    Loved this post babes! And I love you ??

  • T!!! I just love you, your spirit and that beautiful mind of yours. This post spoke to me and my goodness girl you are a beautiful writer. I loved it. You really grasped me and I can relate so much. No one can label me as anything because I don’t label myself. Yes. Loved it loved it loved it. ❤️

  • This blog post touched me. I agree, we use our titles to define us and don’t know who we are to the core once the mask has been taken off. People don’t understand this and they create a false reality of who they are until they believe that who they’re pretending to be is them. It is so important to know who you are so that the world can’t tell you who you are.

    Great Read, Keep writing, Keep Inspiring,