Your Timing May Be Too Slow

When I saw this tweet from Mattie, I knew it was time to reflect on one thing: Have I been moving slower than what God wanted me to be?

As I was growing up, I was taught that patience was a virtue and rushing plans could lead to failure. Even today, most people would say it takes 10 years to become successful in any career, but nobody said it could happen earlier.

Timing is always a topic. Some people think you’re moving too fast. Others think you’re moving too slow. Hell, you even think you’re moving too slow or fast, but what if you’re allowing timing to hinder your growth and success? What if you’re moving a little too slow because you’ve implanted in your head that I need five years or 10 years? What if God wants it to happen in two? What if God wants it to happen now?

My dear, pick up your pace. Launch that dream. Apply for that job. Move to a new city. Just do it. Align yourself to receive the blessings from the universe. The universe already honors your decision and works from there.

There are no right or wrong choices, just a host of opportunities and lessons that come from your decisions.

No more trying.

Just be.

Just do.

You don’t have to know what’s coming next.

Just embrace the unknown and ride the wave.

But, always stay true to who you are and who you want to be.

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  • I love this T!

    You’re so right, there are no right or wrong decisions, whatever choice you make it’ll either teach you a lesson that you can take along the way.

    Love you babes

  • TT!! I love this! I never really considered this. You really just made me think about my next move and inspired me to start taking some steps just in case i am actually going slower than Gods pace. If it’s in his plan, there is no time limit on your blessing.

  • Well said, Tameka!
    And It’s certainly true, oftentimes we hinder ourselves from growing when we don’t take the next step.
    I heard a pastor say, “If you’re still waiting, then chances are God is waiting for you.”

    Thank you for this sister 😉