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My journey started with a mission to empower mamas to not just survive but thrive after postpartum depression. Instead of going back to my 9-5 and ignoring the signs of postpartum depression, I enrolled in therapy and launched my own business while navigating the challenges of new motherhood. I am reminding others that the rules are meant to be broken and 
Mamas has the capacity to do life & business different. 

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With a vision to dismantle the stigma surrounding postpartum depression and create Financially Free Mamas, Tameka's goal is to cultivate a supportive community where every mother can thrive in motherhood and business, unburdened by shame or silence.

Mama + Founder of The Mama Wellness Foundation + Grant Consultant

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In a world that sometimes overlooks the needs of mamas, we believe it's essential to remind them of their importance and to encourage self-care. Together, we'll ensure that mamas receive the care and attention they truly deserve during the fourth trimester and beyond. Because when mamas thrive, families flourish, and communities grow stronger.

The Mama Wellness Foundation provides mental health services, postpartum care, and community events to black mothers. Our mission is to minimize the development and impact of postpartum depression.

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Cultivating a personal brand of power to stand out and make a lasting impact in a digital and crowded world. 

My journey is driven by a commitment to making a difference. I bring firsthand experience as a postpartum depression survivor, a community builder through events, and a grant recipient who has leveraged funding to amplify impact.

I am eager to collaborate with organizations, conferences, and events that seek to inspire, educate, and empower their audience. Let's work together to create transformative moments and a lasting impact. Whether it's a speaking opportunity, sharing conversations with a mama, brand partnership, or consulting, I look forward to sharing my insights and passion with you.

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Advocating for maternal well-being and sharing personal journey of trumiph over postpartum depression. 


Nonprofit development, from conception to impactful implementation as well as leveraging grants to amplify impact.

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Inspiring and empowering mamas to embrace their potential, overcome challenges, and
lead with resilience.

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