Position your brand for grant funding

- with the ultimate grant
planner  & ebook

Imagine hosting an event fully sponsored by corporations like Blue Cross Blue Shield or securing $10,000 in grant funding for your nonprofit. Funded & Debt Free E-book & Planner turn ideas into fundable brands and help, as we guide you to navigate the grant landscape and make these remarkable scenarios your own. 


Funded & Debt Free E-Book & Planner is designed for social entrepreneurs in both business and nonprofits. This bundle includes a workbook component and a grant planner, serving as your strategic guide in navigating grants with confidence, passion, and authority. The ebook has five chapters covering essential topics from distinguishing small businesses from nonprofits to crafting winning proposals and setting strategic grant goals. Packed with practical insights, real-world examples, and actionable tips, the ebook empowers you to take control of your grant-seeking journey. The grant planner, a hands-on tool, complements the ebook, providing a structured framework to organize activities, deadlines, and goals—ensuring you stay on course to achieve funding success. Together, this dynamic duo guides you through the entire grant application process and empower women to own their grant success and business sustainability. 


  • Registering a nonprofit vs small business
  • How to Define Your Mission & Vision
  • How to Craft a Digital Presence
  • The Key Elements of a Grant Proposal
  • A Comprehensive Guide on How to Research & Find Grants
  • A Sample Winning Grant Proposal
  • & Worksheets to Follow Along with Each Chapter

what's inside?

"last night masterclass with tameka was a whole mind shift. the value you provided is worth it. you definietly should be charging more because small businesses need this."

Dominique Haughton 

I have successfully secured over $200k in grant funding for both small businesses and nonprofits. In 2020, I was awarded my very own first grant from the Foundation For Louisiana. In my role as a business consultant and grant writer, I specialize in helping social entrepreneurs maximize their impact through strategic grant utilization.

Furthermore, following the launch of my nonprofit, I successfully secured $10,000 in funding. I have outlined the specific steps I took to achieve this in my workbook. The primary objective is to make this valuable information accessible and empower 200 women founders with the knowledge of how to position their brands for funding and secure grant funds.

I am excited about the prospect of helping you access your first $1,000 grant and look forward to the positive impact it can have on your endeavors.

nonprofit founder, grant strategist, & ppd advocate

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