Motherhood is a transformative and beautiful experience, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming. Like many other mothers, I found myself facing unexpected emotions and struggles after giving birth. Little did I know that I would be among the 1 in 5 women who develop postpartum depression—a condition that often goes unrecognized and undiscussed.

After the arrival of my son, I felt a wave of emotions and guilt about motherhood as I was unexpecting pushed into single motherhood. Combined with personal losses, an inconsolable baby, and a breakup, I found herself spiraling out of control. It was a firsthand experience with something I didn’t recognize and never planned for.

Upon receiving my postpartum depression diagnosis, I felt a whirlwind of emotions—embarrassment, shame, and a sense of unworthiness. Like many mothers, I initially kept my depression hidden, fearing society’s judgment and family embarrassment. We live in a world that often perceives mothers as strong and resilient, and sadly, our families and friends may inadvertently reinforce this expectation. As a result, seeking help for mental health issues can be challenging, leaving many mothers to suffer in silence.

Recognizing the need for support, I took a crucial step forward and consulted my OBGYN. Normally, a mother is only seen once during the six week recovery period but I booked an appointment with my doctor to discuss what was going on with me. My doctor referred me to a therapist and told me to surround myself around family members who were eager to lend a helping hand with the baby. I discovered that having a support system is vital, especially during tough times. My therapist asked me the most reflective question ever, “Do you have at least one person you trust who can walk this journey with you?” And indeed, support became my lifeline.

Your greatest source of salvation in life is finding your people—the ones who would support you through the highs and lows, provide unconditional love, and share space for you to be yourself in every stage of life. Motherhood is not meant to be navigated alone. We all need a tribe, a community that understands and accepts us. However, building a support system can be challenging. It requires honesty with oneself and with those around you so that they can offer the assistance needed.

My experience inspired me to establish The Mama Wellness Foundation, a foundation built on the pillars of self-awareness, community, and womanhood. I believe that every mother need a resources and support to prevent or manage postpartum depression effectively. Even after finding myself in a better emotional and mental state, I understood the importance of surrounding oneself with people who honor each individual’s journey through motherhood.

Postpartum depression is a battle that many mothers face, often in silence. By breaking the silence and seeking help, we can begin the process of healing and create a supportive community where no mother feels alone.

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